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Become Our Student - Overview

There are two aleternative education schools in SRVUSD. Parents can request a transfer to either school.  Venture School provides independent study for TK-12 students and Del Amigo High School is a continuation school for high school students (age 16-18).

The Independent Study program at Venture School is a fully accredited comprehensive school for students in grades TK-12, and delivers the curriculum through independent study. Venture helps students to pursue their educational opportunities outside the classroom, yet within the framework of the educational requirements of SRVUSD. Please note that this means you need to disenroll your student from their current school, and then enroll them at Venture. This process takes approximately one week. When and if you want your student to return to their home school, it will be on a space-available basis, which means the space you are offered at that time might be at a different school. If you are interested in this option to enroll in Venture School, please go to: or contact for more information.

Continuation high school is offered through Del Amigo High School located at Venture School. Del Amigo is a fully accredited  school for high school students age 16-18. Enrollment in Del Amigo is limited and transfers are made when space becomes available. If you are interested in this option to enroll in Del Amigo High School, please go to: or contact our school counselor, Alissa Kruse