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Things you need to know before you commit to Venture
Posted 7/21/20


There are a few important things you need to know before you commit to Venture Independent Study School. We have provided a partial list here, but complete information can be found on the Venture website. We strongly encourage you to read the presentation slides or watch the presentation video on the Venture website so that you are well-informed before committing. 



● Venture is the alternative education, independent study school in the SRVUSD 

● It is a public school that provides students with a standards aligned education using SRVUSD approved curriculum 

When you select Venture: 

● Venture becomes your home school site 

● You forfeit your enrollment at your neighborhood home school site 

● Returning to your neighborhood home school site is based upon space availability and is not guaranteed 

Independent Study and Homeschooling are different: 

● Unlike homeschooling, independent study is supervised by a credentialed teacher 

● Independent study requires the use of district-approved curriculum (text and online) 


Independent Learning: 

● Requires that a student pursue their own studies autonomously, without the same levels of support received from a teacher in a typical classroom or distance learning setting 

● Teacher meetings occur once each week for one hour 

● Additional access to the teacher is based on teacher availability and is not guaranteed 


Elementary Students: 

● Students and their parent meet with a teacher one hour a week to monitor learning and receive assigned student work 

● A combination of text and digital curriculum is used 

● Students work daily, at home, with an adult (typically a parent or guardian) who guides and supports student engagement 

● Set aside at least 4 hours a day for study 

Secondary (6-12) Students: 

● A combination of text and digital curriculum is used 

● Student meets one hour a week with the Venture teacher to monitor learning and assign student work 

● 6-12th grades students can enroll concurrently at their school of residence to take courses (A minimum of 4 classes must be taken at Venture.) 

● Blended learning classes provide small group instruction, 2 hours a week, to 9-12th grade students in specific courses 

● Set aside five hours of study (reading, writing, in classes) per subject, each week 

● Total amount of time with a teacher varies, but will not be equivalent to a full time school program 


Special Education: 

● Students who qualify for special education services may participate in Independent Study if the IEP team agrees that it is an appropriate placement 

● Resource support is available through Venture. 

During Distance Learning: 

● All Venture meetings and blended learning classes will be virtual 

● Work will be submitted online 

● When in person classes are permitted, public health guidelines will be followed, but students may continue to select remote