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The Venture Vision

The Venture Vision

Venture School is dedicated to providing a place where all students feel valued and unique. Students are offered creative opportunities to learn and to accomplish their academic goals.  Venture is a dynamic institution constantly examining the program and seeking new strategies to better meet the ever-changing needs of students and the demands of the 21st century.




In 1998, Venture was the first school in California to receive the Governor’s Quality Award, which was based upon the Federal Malcolm Baldridge Award recognizing organizations for achieving the highest level of excellence in their field. This honor was followed by the Prospector Award in 2002. Venture was also selected as an Independent Study Demonstration School by the National Alternative Education Association and as an “Outstanding Independent Study School” by the California Department of Education and California Consortium for Independent Study.


Since 2011, Venture graduates have included a gold medalist in the 51st International Mathematical Olympiad and the winner of the 2011 Intel Science Talent Search, as well as National Merit Scholarship finalist and semi-finalists. Since Venture provides education to student athletes who compete at the national level, and to students employed as actors and models, other recent graduates are pursuing their professional careers in sports, in modeling and acting, and as dancers with the San Francisco and Joffrey Ballet companies.